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Cross Stack Nest Tote Tub | 20"L x 15"W x 5"H

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About this item

  • All-purpose plastic storage Cross Stack Nest Tote Tub are built to last. Manufactured from polypropylene, these containers are engineered for rigorous and continuous usage.
  • All tubs are super easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Virgin grade materials afford lifetime projection against bacteria, old, mildew and product degradation.
  • Cross Stack Nest Tote Tub Multipurpose Plastic tubs provide storage, cleaning, and transportation solution for multiple applications.
  • Built-in handles are ergonomically designed for comfortable and easy-grid and handling. All tubs nest when empty saving valuable workspace. NSF certified. Made in USA
  • NSF Plastic Cross Stack Nest Tote Tub Weights & Dimensions
  • Height Range4" tp 5"
  • Width15 in
  • Length20 in
  • Weight Capacity20 lbs
  • Length Range20" to 25"
  • Height5 in
  • Width Range12" to 15"
  • Weight1.65 lbs

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