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Buy Plastic Stack and Hang Bins Online, 6"W x 9-1/4"D x 5"H

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About this item

Plastic stacking & hanging bins, commonly known as plastic stack and hang bins, are versatile containers designed for various purposes.

  • Reinforced walls add strength and rigidity and a wide top ledge permits stable, higher stacking.
    Constructed of water and corrosion-proof polypropylene, they withstand freezers and autoclaves from -40°F to 250°F.
    FDA Compliant Resin & Colorant. Front, back, and side grips allow easy handling. Molded-in full-width rear hanger lip allows bins to hang from louvered panels or rails.
    Best Plastic Stack able Storage Bins and Plastic stacking Trays
    Anti-slide stop prevents shifting when stacked. Slotted label holders allow easy identification of contents. The Best Plastic Stack and Hang Bins Made-in-USA.
    Plastic Stacking Trays help keep things neat and accessible, reducing clutter in the home or garage.

    Weights & Dimensions

    • Height Range4" to 5"
    • Width6 in
    • Height5 in
    • Width Range0" to 6"
    • Depth9-1/4 in
    • Inside Height4-1/2 in
    • Depth Range0 to 11 in
    • Inside Depth8-1/2 in
    • Weight Capacity25 lbs
    • Stacked Weight Capacity30 lbs
    • Weight0.5 lbs
    • Inside Width5-1/8 in

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